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You are facing challenges in your company or you have requirements for which Artificial Intelligence seems to be a promising approach? But you lack the necessary expertise to test the feasibility of this idea and to push it further? Then you are in the right place.


At CC-KING, we do not only investigate the basics, methods and tools of AI Systems Engineering. We also strive to make results and know-how available to companies, especially SMEs, and thus benefit the economy.

We are planning different formats and channels: Publications, events, low-threshold consulting services, a learning lab. The first step, however, will be the so-called QuickChecks and TransferChecks - small projects to evaluate the feasibility of an AI solution for a specific application and, if necessary, to develop the solution, at least in its basic principles.

QuickChecks are aimed at end customers and technology users - we analyze whether and how your practical issues can be addressed using AI Systems Engineering methods. TransferChecks are for system integrators and engineering offices - we advise and train you in the systematic use of AI engineering methods and tools so that you can use our know-how to address the questions of your own customers.

For companies from Baden-Württemberg, accepted QuickChecks and TransferChecks are fully financed by the funding CC-KING 2020/2021 receives from the state of Baden-Württemberg - all you have to do is invest the time to tell us about your problem. Inquiries from companies outside of Baden-Württemberg are also welcome. Whether they can be processed in the CC-KING context, must be discussed in each individual case.

For service providers in the mobility sector, manufacturing companies and other potential "AI end users":


You want to know whether methods and tools of AI Systems Engineering are useful to your case? We offer fast and free consulting services for companies of all sizes. With the support of our CC-KING advice center, you can assess the feasibility and effort of implementing intelligent systems and plan implementation projects if necessary.

Apply with your interest or concrete problem for a QuickCheck - just fill out the form below.  

For engineering offices, system integrators and other companies that want to offer solutions and services based on AI:


You want to gain experience with methods and tools of AI Systems Engineering? Then our learning lab is the right place for you. Within the framework of TransferChecks we collect and generalize interesting and practical scenarios in order to define and work on diverse use cases. We pass on our knowledge of proven and adaptable methods and tools to you through training courses free of charge.

Apply for a TransferCheck with your interest or concrete problem - just fill out the following form.


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