AI Systems Engineering: knowledge and tools

At CC-KING, we do not only investigate the basics, methods and tools of AI Systems Engineering. We also strive to make results and know-how available to companies, especially SMEs, and thus benefit the economy. Therefore, we offer you an overview of the tools that have already been tested and evaluated in the context of QuickChecks.

Definition, Challenges and Goals of AI Systems Engineering

What AI Systems Engineering is about: a concise description.

Process model PAISE®

PAISE® is the process model for AI Systems Engineering - available as a white  paper, free to download. Find more info and the pdf here.

Training courses

Here you will find the training courses offered by the Competence Center as well as by the partners (German pages).

AI Systems Engineering Tools

Here we publish tools to help you develop ML-based systems (pages available only in German at the moment).